Chinese symbol for Family

The Chinese character (or symbol) for Family 家 with the pronounciation jia1. This character is found in the easy lookup system under the Dot Index key. It's cangjie input code is jmso. Neil Keleher. Chinese Symbols and Meanings, Chinsym.

This is the Chinese symbol for Family 家. It also means home. How would you lookup this Traditional Chinese character?

Chinese Character Lookup Via Radical or Pinyin Index

This character can be divided into a top and bottom part and if you are familiar with Chinese characters you would recognize that the top part is the roof radical 宀 and so you’d look for this character under the roof radical index.

If you new its pronounciation, jia1, then you could look for it in the pinyin index under the heading jia.

Chinese Character Lookup Using the Easy Lookup System

Now what if you didn’t know the radical or the pronounciation of this Chinese symbol? You could use the Easy lookup system.

This is made up of 12 basic shapes or keys.

These in turn are divided into three categories, box derivatives 囗⺆凵厂乛 (box, cover, bottom, left, right), symmetrical shapes 八十丨一 (had, cross, vertical, horizontal) and asymmetrical shapes 丿丶𠄌(slant, dot, hook).

The Easy Lookup Chinese to English Dictionary makes Traditional Chinese Character lookup faster and easier. Neil Keleher.

Chinese Character Lookup Made Easy
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Includes Simplified and Traditional Character Indexes.

With a little bit of looking and figuring out, you might guess that since the very top most part of the Chinese symbol for family is a dot, 丶 then a good place to start looking for this character in the easy lookup system is under the dot category.

Within the dot category there are some sub-shapes, and among these are dots atop a cover shape 宀. In some cases, but not all, sub shapes correspond to radicals.

Anyway, looking under the 宀 sub shape, you can fine tune your search by recognizing that the second part of the character for family, 豕, starts with a horizontal line you can more easily recognize the character when you see it.

Chinese symbol for beautiful  家 under  the easy lookup hat index, Neil Keleher. Sensational Yoga Poses.

Note the characters in black are only in the online version of the easy lookup dictionary. The pdf version includes both the characters in gray and black (and red).

Inputting the Chinese Symbol for Family

What if you wanted to be able to input the Chinese symbol for family? If you know it’s pronounciation, and you have pinyin input enabled on your computer or mobile device, you could type jia, and then select the symbol for family from the drop down menu.

Inputting the Chinese Symbol for Family Using the Cangjie Input System

If you have cangjie input enabled you could input this Chinese character based on it’s shape. For the first part, 宀 the input code is j or 十. I generally remember this by associating the cross shape with Jesus. For the second part, the first part of the code is m for the horizontal stroke and the slanting line dangling below it 丆. For the next part which is a 𠃌 shape, you type the letter s or 尸 which kind of looks like an s shape.

Cangjie codes can have a maximum of five elements, so when dealing with characters of two or more parts, the first part can have a maximum of two elements for it’s cangjie code while the second part can have a maximum of three. So since we already have two elements for the second part we jump to the end of the character to complete the cangjie code. That is the downwards and rightwards stroke ㇏ which is represented by the letter o. And so the complete input code for the Chinese character for family is 十一尸人 or jmso.

Online Easy Lookup Dictionary for Traditional Chinese Characters

You can see the character for family in the easy lookup dictionary here, (the online version has 1600 characters, the downloadable pdf version has over 5000). You can also see words that contain tha character. The Chinese symbols for meanings that relate to family include father, mother, son, daughter, children, aunt, uncle.