Chinese to English Dictionary
with Easy Lookup

The Easy Lookup Chinese English Dictionary makes Chinese Character lookup easier. With this dictionary you spend Less Time Looking and More Time Learning.

7000 Character Entries and
11000 Word Entries

For easy lookup it includes:

  • 3 Easy Lookup Indexes (1 for Simplified Chinese characters and 2 for Traditional Chinese characters).
  • It also includes a radically different Radical index.
  • And it includes a Theme index for words.
  • Chinese Character Lookup Made Easy

    Easy Lookup indexes makes Chinese character lookup easy, even if you are a beginner.

  • You don't have to know the characters pronounciation.
  • You don't have figure out its stroke count.
  • You don't have to know its radical.
  • 3 Easy Lookup Indexes

    The Easy Lookup Chinese English Dictionary includes 3 Easy Lookup Indexes:

  • An initial element index for Simplifed Chinese characters
  • An initial element index for Traditional Chinese characters
  • A final element index for Traditional Chinese characters.
  • All three easy lookup indexes are designed to be easy to use, no matter what your level of expertise with Chinese characters.

    A Radical Index with a Difference

    The dictionary also includes a Radical index. The Radical index is sorted using the Easy Lookup system so that radicals themselves are easier to find (You don't have to remember a radicals stroke count or number to use this index!)

    Theme Index

    The dictionary includes a theme index.

    The theme index allows you to see groups of words related by a common theme. For example, the photography theme includes words related to photography. Each entry within a theme links to the Word entry which includes the word in Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters as well as their pronounciation and links to character entries for each character included in the word.

    The following themes are included: Anatomy (bones and muscles), Calligraphy (brush stroke names), Colour, Drinks, Family, Food, Measure Words, Movies, Names, Photography (terms you'd find in a camera manual), Solar Terms (from the Chinese solar calendar), Vehicles (air, land, sea, plus engine parts) and Yoga (poses).

    Navigation Designed for the User

    Indexes are designed with easy and convenient navigation in mind.

  • Each index includes links to make it easy to move between categories and groups within that index.
  • Each index also includes links to make it easy to move to other indexes.
  • Character entries also include navigation to make it easy to move between related characters and indexes.

  • Character entries include links to take you to the page of each index that contains that character.
  • Character entries also include links that allow you to move between entries with the same initial element or the same final element.
  • The Easy Lookup Chinese English dictionary is Guaranteed to make Chinese Character lookup easier than traditional Chinese character lookup systems (and if it doesn't make character lookup easy, or you aren't satisfied for other reasons, your money back in 30 days or less after initial purchase).

    Download (or view) a sample of the Easy Lookup dictionary. The sample includes the full Easy Lookup Initials index, a sample character entry, a sample word entry, and a portion of the theme index.

    Note, after pressing the pay button (you don't actually pay) you'll get the option to Read (in the gumroad app) or download. Select Download. The gumroad app does not handle either the sample or the full dictionary!

    Character Entry Data

    Character entries include:

  • Traditional and Simplified variations of the character,
  • English definition,
  • Mandarin pronounciation using pinyin,
  • links to word entries containing the character.
  • Relevant to traditional variations of the character only, also included are:

  • Radical (shape and number),
  • Stroke count and
  • Cangjie input code
  • Cangjie Input Codes allow you to type Chinese characters using a shape based code.

    With Cangjie input codes you can touch-type Traditional Chinese characters.

    Word Entry Data

    Word entries include:

  • The word in Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters,
  • English definition for the word,
  • Pronounciation for all characters within the word,
  • links to character entries for all characters within each word.
  • Format

    The Easy Lookup Chinese English Dictionary is a PDF file.

    Because it is a large file It works well with Adobe Acrobat (which is free to download).

    When viewed on smaller smart phone screens, the Easy Lookup Dictionary iis best viewed with the phone turned sideways (landscape orientation).

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    Note: gumroad offers the opton of viewing the dictionary in their app. It does not work on the gumroad app! It does however work fine if you download it and view it on your mobile device or computer using a PDF reading app. And because of it's large size, you may find that it loads fastest with the aforementioned Adobe Acrobat.

    Suggested Uses

    If you are studying Chinese characters, the Easy Lookup indexes make it easy to lookup Chinese characters.From each entry you can navigate directly between characters that have the same initial element or the same final element, making it easy to notice changes in pronounciation and/or meaning as you do so.

    For characters with word entries (there are 2700 character entries with related word entries), you can easily navigate to word entries for that character, no matter what position the character is in within that word. As a result you can see how a character may or may not change in meaning depending on its position within a word.

    From each word entry you can navigate directly to the character entry for any character within that word. As a result you can see how each character lends to the meaning of the whole word.

    If you are new to learning Chinese characters, the Easy Lookup indexes make it easy to lookup characters. It may take a little time getting familiar with the categories, but they have been designed to be as user friendly (and even "foreigner" friendly) as possible.

    Categories and groups are reasonably straight forwards, and the design of the dictionary itself makes it quite easy to learn. The more you use it, the easier it becomes to use.

    And if you have trouble locating a character via it's initial element, you can use the finals index to look it up instead.

    If you are learning to Type Chinese using cangjie input codes, the dictionary makes it easy to learn since characters are sorted by shape. You can easily navigate through character entries with the same initial shape or final shape making it easy to see how canjie codes change as a result. And if you have trouble remembering a code, Easy Lookup makes it easy to find a character and thus its Cangjie input code.

    If you have other Chinese dictionaries that you use regularly (perhaps you are using Calligraphy dictionaries) but you can't remember what radical a character is classified under, you can use Easy Lookup to find a character. Each entry includes the characters radical and radical number making it then easier to find that character in your other dictionary.

    The goal of the Easy Lookup Chinese English Dictionary and the Easy lookup system is to Make Chinese Character Lookup Easy so you can get on with Learning.

    Here's what one person had to say:

    Easy Lookup has been an invaluable tool to me for searching Chinese characters' meanings.
    Once you start using it, you simply cannot go back to normal printed or online dictionaries. The amount of time that is saved, and the guesswork that it eliminates is just massive!
    No more guessing the radical or pronunciation.
    Now, I can basically look-up 10 characters or more in the same amount of time I use to spend to check only 1 character.
    I repeat: You cannot go back to old look-up methods after using this system!

    Brilliant tool!
    Ugo Ortolano
    Founder, CEO at Pizza Rock Taiwan

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