The Martian 18, Chinese Symbols and Meanings In Context

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  • 囗:噴號品即厂:驗乛:尋八:人前荒小十:拓推找者丨:隊一:一丿:氣製往丶:的實室進複立 Neil Keleher. Chinese Symbols and Meanings,

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    A small team goes to the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) looking for the replica of the Pathfinder probe.

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    One way to learn and remember Chinese Symbols and their meanings is to see them in context. And to make learning a bit more interesting I thought it would be kind of cool to see Chinese symbols in the context of popular movie plot descriptions.

    The original Chinese text is taken from the Chinese Wikipedia site for the movie "The Martian".

    Above you can see the full English translation plus the text in Traditional Chinese with links to meanings below. You can also see the individual Chinese symbols, out of context but sorted using the Easy Lookup Indexing system. You can click on these to see the meanings of these individual Chinese symbols plus their pronounciation (in pinyin) and their cangjie input codes.

    Below you can see the same text using Traditional and Simplified symbols and then below these the Chinese words and their meanings listed in the order they appear in the phrase above, so that you can "read" the definitions in context.

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    一小隊人 立即 前往 噴氣推進實驗室 尋找 拓荒者號 的 複製品


    一小队人 立即 前往 喷气推进实验室 寻找 拓荒者号 的 复制品

    Word Definitions
    With Pinyin Pronounciation

    A small team
    一小隊人 T
    一小队人 S
    立即 T
    leaves for
    前往 T
    the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL)
    噴氣推進實驗室 T
    喷气推进实验室 S
    to look for
    尋找 T
    寻找 S
    the Pathfinder Probe
    拓荒者號 T
    拓荒者号 S
    (working) replica
    複製品 T
    复制品 S

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